What does the not enough content check do?

What does the not enough content check do?

The not enough content check assesses whether your post or page contains at least 50 characters. To properly evaluate the readability of your content, the SEO Onpage app needs a minimum number of characters. If your post or page contains less than 50 characters, the plugin’s readability checks won’t be able to give you the best results.

Why is enough content important for the SEO readability checks?

The readability checks in the SEO Onpage app need a certain amount of characters to properly evaluate the content. When your text has less than 50 characters the results won’t be as meaningful. For example, if your text only consists of one, long sentence, containing difficult words and passive voice, you won’t get good results from the readability analysis. Even though it’s not necessarily a bad sentence, when combined with some easier, shorter sentences. Try to avoid this: it’s important to make optimum use of the SEO app checks, to fully optimize your text’s readability for your audience and the search engines.

Do you want to improve the amount of content?

Make sure you add more than 50 characters to your post or page if you want the readability checks of the SEO Onpage app to fully assess your text. You need quality content, for your audience and to rank well in the search engines, so write some more text!

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