Image Compression

The feature is compressing all your images which save 0.65 MB (54.2%) from 1.2 MB to 0.55 MB. There are three types of images: Article images, Asset images, Collection images, and compression types: Lossy JPEG - PNG.

Our SEO app will provide the fastest speed the page loading right after compressing. In addition, we have more features than other apps about compressing images which are Product image, Collection image, Asset image, Block post image, and Backup image. Once set, you can easily compress these four above features.

We guide the setting Image Compression.

Fistly, you click Image Compression on the left the screen. Next, rolling in the mouse go to the 3. Your Setting -->Start new optimize.

Go to 3.1 Setting details --> Click the one or more options: Product image, Collection image, Asset image, Block post image you want to choose. Next, you click ==> Next step - Choose Compree Type.

Then, you choose one of the two Compression: Lossy or LossLess

The screen shows images preview and you check it.

Finally, rolling the mouse and click Next step Start Compress. Then you completely set up Image Compression.

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