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In order to optimize SEO correctly for product descriptions must include using the right keywords or improving something. This will help search engines understand your pages, which will help internet searchers find what you’re selling.

SEO Products help you conduct easily.

Step 1: Click SEO Products -->Search: Fill a name of product.

e.g: On our web site have more products : adidas and then I will seach it.

Step2: Click the product: Adidas Classics Backpack

Your products will be analyzed discriptions and suggested that you should improve something and list the good parts you have worked on.

Step 3: There are 3 features you should concern: URL research, Readability and Focus keywords.

1. URL research:

SEO Experts will show SEO results: improve and good depending on the primary elements: the size of page, The ratio of page content to page code, The size of the page URL, Time used to load the page, and so on...

We are show a example for our page.

2. Readability

Experts will evaluate for the readability of your website through Flesch Reading Ease; Subheading distribution; Paragraph length; Sentence length; Transition words; Passive voice; Consecutive sentences. You must read the details of SEO EXPERT's Evaluations by the Click to part of evaluation.

3. Focus Keywords

The function of Focus Keyword is the most important of your web if you know advantages of its. Then fill in "ADIDAS | CLASSIC BACKPACK" and Save and check, the system will be save for the next your check.

There are some of analyzations for your website : Title, SEO Title, Description, SEO Description .

Click to know additional introductions details.

Step 4: Mobile Friendly, Page Speed, and Structure Data

The functions are Mobile Friendly, Page Speed, and Structure Data which you can click Explore Google.

1. Mobile Friendly

2. Page Speed

3. Structure Data

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