Audit your store

We believe that you have surf experiences on any website to find out information or something and felt annoyed when it loads slowly. Like you, your customers will also decide whether to continue viewing your page or not, depending on a load of speed website: faster or slower.

Understanding the importance of metrics, “Audit your store” has been integrated with the SEO Onpage app for your convenience. Audit your store will come up with four key fields: performance, accessibility, best practice and SEO of your website in order to analyze the effect of the web and find out the proper solution.

Click “Audit your store” will help monitor your website’s performance, collect and analyze performance metrics and insights on best practices.

1. Performance

We’ll show the metrics of Performance through an image in our shop.

Performance shows metrics by the way of summary and divides into 3 level green, yellow and red. In order to add details of performance, you can click “learn more”.

2. Accessibility

Google analynist will suggest the issues of accessibility on your page and they show the handout of intructions for your page.

3. Best practices

4. SEO

The SEO score you have well achieved, the quality of your website will be higher appreciated by Google.

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