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Explore keywords” is a tool that generates the most searched keyword list in a given time period: days, months, or years. The " Explore keywords" feature will provide the key that customer search on Google. Therefore; "Explore keywords" will suggest to keywords that customers look for it the most.

Click “Explore keywords” your screen shows tool background in under image.

Like the above image, on November 11, 2019, the first position with a more 50,000 hit search is weather network in Canada.

Go to Explore Search Volume, we’ll show you how to find the most keywords people search to support SEO for them.

There are four parts of "Explore search volume" you can see.

The first setting is country that you can do, you choose where target to customers.

eg. Country : Canada.

Second, you change the Time: past 7 days, months or in period of time you want to search.

Third, you can change Category or not. If you aim to field of category, targets more objects correctly.

Fourth, there are five ways of search in Type but I always set "Web search"

Finally, you click into enter your keywords in order to search keywords that are the most traffic and then click Explore.

e.g: I have seached keywords "shoes adidas" and then choosing country Canada you want to search. Next, it's time: past day(or 7 days or so on); and category: all category/ fashion/ footwear/.... Type: web search. Finally, you click explore and view the results.

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